Vitamin C Crystals

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Pure, non-GMO ascorbic acid crystals sourced from Scotland.
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Pure Ascorbic Acid

Key Antioxidant

Immune Support

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Top Customer Questions

Q: Why should I take Vitamin C?
A: Vitamin C prevents scurvy and improves iron uptake from non-heme sources, such as leafy vegatables. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant that also is used to improve healing of burns, fractures, ulcers, and sunburn. It is a co-factor in the manufacture of collagen to promote skin, bone, and blood vessel integrity. It supports several immune cell parameters, protects lipids from oxidation and encourages the synthesis of carnitine in the presence of lysine and methionine

Q: What are the side effects of Vitamin C Crystals? 
A: Side effects of Vitamin C Crystals are dose- dependent and GI-related, inclduing nausea and diarrhea from osmotic absorption that pulls water into the colon. In some people, Vitamin C overdose may precipitate oxalate, urate, or crsteine kidney stone. There are no side effects at recommended doses.