The passing of our founder, Ed Kane

To our BodyBio family, it is with a heavy heart that I am sharing with you the news that BodyBio’s founder and my grandfather Ed Kane has passed away at the age of 95. 

To those of you that knew Ed, you knew that Ed was above all in life, an explorer always looking to the unknown to find answers especially as it related to the pursuit of better health at all ages of life. My grandfather was never the type of person that accepted the status quo; instead he challenged what was traditionally accepted and sought to explore deeper into the field of how we can all live better, healthier lives. We affectionately referred to Ed at BodyBio as the ‘OG Biohacker’ - always testing, formulating, researching and experimenting with ways in which we could live healthier lives. 

It is his approach to health and wellness that became the guiding light by which BodyBio would live and breathe in everything that we do and continue to do to help every one of our customers live better, healthier lives. Ed never was complacent. He used this lack of complacency to bring new ideas to the table and explore further into the depths of health to find answers that would help everyone on their health journey, especially those who were told by everyone else that ‘there was nothing more that could be done’. He used this drive to heal others and never stopped searching for the answers to once unanswerable questions. This is summed up best by the Chinese proverb that Ed included in his email signature: ​​”The person that thinks it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.”

All of us at BodyBio are eternally grateful for his contribution to the world. His research into phospholipids and formulation of what we believe to be the most important supplement for the body, BodyBio PC, has helped tens of thousands of people around the world over the last few decades combat and overcome illness thought untreatable. 

Thank you Ed. You will be sorely missed. Our responsibility moving forward is to carry your drive to explore the unknown, challenge the status quo and always fight for those with no place else to turn and help people live healthier lives. At BodyBio we create supplements that heal the body at the cellular level. We live and always have lived through Ed’s inspiration by the rule: healthy cells build healthy systems - the foundations of healthy bodies. 

For those of you interested to learn more about Ed and his fascination with phospholipids, we invite you to read this article he wrote back in 2018 on “how we view medical disorders”.

- Jessica Kane Berman and Family