Oren Motevassel

Elyte Success Story

Oren Motevassel, the No. 1 seed, of Alpharetta, Ga., recently claimed the men’s open title at the United States Professional Tennis Association Hard Court Championships. Motevassel, who is originally from Israel and has been ranked as high as No. 161 in the world.

Oren's thoughts on Elyte:

Well, I am here to tell you that I am playing the best tennis of my life and with all honesty Elyte has something to do with it. I am not cramping anymore in those long 3 or 4 hour matches. I am out lasting my opponents! I just returned from a big tournament in Tennessee and I played the #1 Junior player in the USA who is USA's new hope for the new Sampras and I beat him 6-4 6-1, and at one point of the match he shouted "This guy is un-human". I loved it!!! I was always known to be like Nadal who gets to everything and fights for every ball so having this drink on my side makes me feel at ease!!! I am ranked #1 in the USA National ranking for the 35's and I am very high in the Open division as well. I am #3 in California Open rankings! I just won a big tournament there as well which I never won before. Everyone that sees me play tells me I should go back on the Pro tour and it is very tempting. I am beating guys I have never beaten before.

Success Update:

We won the Gold Medal in the ITF world cup this past April in Boca Raton Florida, beating France in the finals. I was the only player on the US team that won all his matches throughout the event. Also, I have made history in March becoming the oldest player to have an ATP ranking in Singles. People constantly ask me how I stay so fit and how can I continue to improve all the time. I have to thank Elyte for being a big part of my success, its really nice to have you by my side! Go Elyte!

Best, Oren Motevassel